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Amazon Tap Portable Voice-Controlled Speaker

by Joseph
Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap

The Amazon Echo has been one of the most beloved new tech products in recent memory thanks to its innovative voice control interface and Siri-like emblem in Alexa. Now, Alexa is available in a more portable form known as the Amazon Tap, now available from the online retail giant.

Amazon Tap (as in “just tap and ask”) is very similar to Amazon Echo, but where that speaker was designed to take up a position in your home and stay there, Tap is built for you to take with you wherever you go. Once it’s there, it can play audio from any of your synced music streaming services, and take voice commands for any number of tasks. It delivers clear, 360-degree sound and can last for nine hours of continuous use on a single charge.

You can get your Amazon Tap from Amazon right here, where it’s priced at just under $130.

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