Home Style Amazon Prime Wardrobe: Try On and Return Clothes in Your Home (Video)

Amazon Prime Wardrobe: Try On and Return Clothes in Your Home (Video)

by Joseph
Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Buying clothes online, especially for fastidious dressers, can be a pretty big gamble. If you get the clothes you want and they don’t fit (or if there’s something else wrong with them), you have to go through the sometimes annoying return profess, plus the added hassle of navigating whatever the retailer in question’s return policy is. Amazon Prime Wardrobe takes care of this, allowing users to try on and if need be return clothes from their own homes, for free.

Incredibly, Amazon Prime Wardrobe customers pay absolutely nothing up front, only paying for the items they choose to keep. And, the more items you do choose to keep, the higher the bonus discount you get – three or four items in the “keep” pile gets you ten percent off, while five or more gets you a sizable 20 percent discount. But even if you return everything, you don’t pay a dime in return fees. And best of all, Amazon says the feature will be included with Prime memberships once it launches.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe hasn’t launched yet, but you can sign up to be alerted when it does right here. And if the whole thing seems too good to be true, you can see it all in the introductory video below.


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