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Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery Launches in More Select Areas

by Joseph
Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery

Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery

Sundays are, generally speaking, pretty great. You can sleep late, watch football, see a movie on the weekend without dealing with weekend crowds, or just relax. The one downside to Sunday is you can’t open up your mailbox in anticipation of your latest Amazon shipment, but even that is no longer the case thanks to Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery, now available in select areas.

Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery is now available to Amazon Prime subscribers in Los Angeles, New York City, Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Austin, and more. It still works through the US Postal Service on special arrangement with Amazon, which is proof that anything is possible if you’re rich enough – even getting mailmen to work on Sundays.

The service has actually been around in New York and Los Angeles for a while, but now you have a better chance of being in one of the selected markets, with Amazon Prime Sunday Delivery coming to more and more areas all the time. To check it out, just head over to Amazon right here and see if it’s available in your town.

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