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Amazon Prime Now: Hour-or-Less Delivery Rolls Out in Manhattan (Video)

by Joseph
Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now

It’s been reported for a while now that Amazon.com‘s vision of the future is one where small automatic drones deliver all manner of goods to people’s homes, sometimes in a matter of minutes after they’ve placed the order. Now, that vision is being tested in the company’s Manhattan market, in the form of a service called Amazon Prime Now.

Amazon Prime Now gives users the ability, between the hours of 6 AM to midnight, to have a wide range of items delivered to their door in a matter of hours. For a two-hour delivery deadline, the service is free for Prime subscribers, and for a one-hour deadline there’s an $8 surcharge. If you need it in less than an hour, you still have to leave the house like in olden times.

If you don’t live in Manhattan, you don’t have the chance to give Amazon Prime Now a test-run by ordering a tube of toothpaste or something. But according to Amazon, it’s “coming soon to a city near you,” and in the meantime you can get some more information over at Amazon here. There’s also a video showing off the service that you can watch below:



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