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Amazon Prime Air Makes First Delivery by Drone (Video)

by Joseph
Amazon Prime Air

Amazon Prime Air

One of Amazon‘s plans for the future that’s known to the general public is to begin delivering parcels via a fully automated process that includes final air delivery by drone. We’re still a ways off from packages being dropped from the sky like aid packages in war zones, but a new video from Amazon Prime Air demonstrates the service’s first customer delivery.

The opening salvo in the machines’ war on humanity took 13 minutes from “click to delivery,” an example of the speed and convenience that will be offered by Amazon Prime Air before human beings end up being used as batteries to power our robotic overlords. The house being delivered to by the drone was only two miles from Amazon’s warehouse, but still, 13 minutes isn’t a bad wait time at all for the very first delivery by drone to the public.

You can watch Amazon Prime Air’s first customer drone delivery below. And you can get more information on the service from Amazon right here.

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