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Amazon Opening Up NYC Retail Location

by Joseph
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Online retailer Amazon is famous for putting the squeeze on traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, but now they’re seeking to get into the game themselves. They’re opening up a store in New York City next to the Empire State Building that will serve as a kind of physical version of what the site has been doing online for years.

Customers who live in (or are visiting) Manhattan will be able to return stuff in person at the store, as well as pick up online orders. People off the street can buy stuff too, provided it’s part of the the site’s same-day delivery inventory in New York, which is probably a decent swath of products on its own. And there’s no telling what kind of extra features Amazon might have in store for the world of real, in-person shopping.

You can read the original report on Amazon’s upcoming New York City store, which is supposed to be open in time for Christmas shopping season, on The Wall Street Journal website here. Physical retailers are the next big thing, so you better get on board now.

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