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Amazon Key In-Car: Packages Delivered to Your Trunk (Video)

by Joseph
Amazon Key In-Car

Amazon Key In-Car

Amazon seemingly will not rest until they’ve developed every single possible method of delivering a package to a customer. Their latest innovation, developed in partnership with General Motors and Volvo, is called Amazon Key In-Car. The service will allow Amazon delivery personnel to drop off a package in the trunk of your car, while you are nowhere in sight.

Amazon Key In-Car is an extension of the company’s controversial Amazon Key In-Home delivery, and works basically the same way. Only instead of a special proprietary lock on your door, In-Car delivery works through your car’s OnStar or comparable service. The delivery person rings up the OnStar operator, has them unlock your trunk, drops off the package, re-locks the trunk, and voila, your package is waiting for you in your car. Take a look at the service in action in the video below:

Amazon Key In-Car is being launched in 37 US cities today, for Amazon Prime subscribers who have “GM and Volvo vehicles, model year 2015 or newer, with active OnStar and Volvo on Call accounts,” via this report.

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