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Amazon Instant Pickup Rolled Out in Select Markets

by Joseph
Amazon Instant Pickup

Amazon Instant Pickup

They say technology is cyclical, but I have to admit I’m still a little bit surprised that Amazon has gone and invented – or maybe that should be re-invented – the convenience store. In a handful of select college campus markets, online shoppers now have the option of using Amazon Instant Pickup.

Amazon Instant Pickup is pretty much what it sounds like – for a selection of available products, mostly stuff like phone chargers, plus snacks and drinks – users can buy stuff on Amazon and then drive over to their nearest pickup point and, well, pick it up. The select markets where the service is now available are Los Angeles, Atlanta, Columbus OH, and College Park MD. The online retailer has plans to expand the service to other territories in the near future, with Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood reportedly up next on the list.

You can read more about Amazon Instant Pickup right here.

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