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Amazon Flex: Make Money Delivering Packages for Amazon

by Joseph
Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex

One of the entities at the forefront of the predicted “gig-based economy” is Amazon with a new program that’s kind of like Uber or Lyft but for delivering packages to Amazon customers. It’s called Amazon Flex, which allows users to deliver packages within their own scheduled blocks of time for $18-$25 an hour.

A little while ago Amazon introduced Amazon Prime Now, a service that allows customers to have certain items delivered to their door in a matter of minutes or hours rather than days or weeks. To help make this happen, they’re enlisting the help of an army of independent contractors as part of their new Amazon Flex delivery program, which emphasizes flexibility (and not paying for benefits) for its delivery people.

Amazon Flex is currently serving “Seattle, Richmond, Nashville, Austin, Dallas, Baltimore, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Indianapolis metro areas,” with plans to expand soon into New York, Portland, and Chicago. But regardless of where you live, you can sign up and get more info at the program’s official page here.

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