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Amazon Fire TV Cube Coming Soon

by Joseph
Amazon Fire TV Cube

Amazon Fire TV Cube

Nothing like a good cube, eh fellows? The cube is the perfect shape, pure and precise in a way that doesn’t really exist in nature. Cubes are powerful, sturdy, robust, timeless. You can spend hours, days looking at a good cube, appreciating all of its angles and reflections. And Amazon recently get in on worldwide cube fever with a teaser for the upcoming Amazon Fire TV Cube. 

Does it seem strange that I would write all those sentences about the cube? I had to! Because there’s literally no other official information available about the Amazon Fire TV Cube. We only know the name, thanks to a little web page tucked away at Amazon, which you can take a look (and sign up for updates) at right here. There is some unofficial speculation though, based on leaked info from several months back:

“In September, AFTVnews reported that Amazon was preparing a pair of new Fire TV products, one of which was a “cube shaped set-top box” that could play video at 4K HDR at 60 frames per second.”

That’s via PC Mag, but if you really want to satisfy your curiosity about the mighty Amazon Fire TV Cube, you’ll just have to wait until Amazon itself enlightens us all.


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