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Amazon Echo Voice-Controlled Sound System (Video)

by Joseph
Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

The new all-in-one sound system from Amazon might appear at first to have yet another meaningless, impressionistic name, but actually the Amazon Echo‘s name is quite descriptive. Like a natural echo, all you have to do to activate it is call out in the right direction, even from across the room. And it’s not just a music player, either.

In addition to playing your music, you can ask it questions about the weather or current events, program memos and alarms, and even listen to text-based articles (like, for example, “Philo Vance on Wikipedia”). All of these functions and more are at the Amazon Echo user’s fingertips after saying the magic word, “Alexa.” I don’t know if Alexa is destined to become as iconic as Apple‘s Siri, but it’s definitely a possibility.

For more information on Amazon Echo, as well as to “request an invitation” to buy one for $199, head over to Amazon’s official website for the product here. And you can also watch a video about Amazon Echo below.

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