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Amazon Echo Look Hands-Free Camera and Smart “Style Assistant”

by Joseph
Amazon Echo Look

Amazon Echo Look

Step outside your home and look around at some of your fellow humans walking the streets, and you might wonder if anybody OK’ed their outfits before they left the house. Now, maybe this problem of unsupervised sartorial behavior will be ameliorated somewhat, thanks to Amazon and their recently introduced Amazon Echo Look.

The Amazon Echo Look is the latest incarnation of the website’s Echo voice control smart gadgets, and this one comes equipped with a camera that allows Alexa to “help you look your best.” It also has a function called “Style Check,” which gives you style advice using smart algorithms in concert with input from fashion experts. They’re not going to buy you clothes, though, so maybe don’t waste their time if you only own a couple of pairs of jeans and one pair of sneakers.

Get a lot more information on the Amazon Echo Look here, where it’s currently available by invitation only. Maybe there’s a dress code.

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