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Amazon Destinations: Amazon Launches Short-Term Vacation Service

by Joseph
Amazon Destinations

Amazon Destinations

According to recent statistics, 40% of vacations taken in the United States are to destinations within driving distance of the home, and last three nights or fewer. It’s that 40% of vacationers that Amazon is targeting with a new service, called Amazon Destinations.

Amazon Destinations helps users in three US cities find potential vacation destinations within a day’s drive of their home, and includes hotel packages for the trip. It’s a cool idea for yet another addition to the Amazon brand, and might help those of us who don’t have a ton of money stashed away for vacations to get out of our neighborhoods and see some new things – so I’m all in favor if it.

The three cities currently serviced by Amazon Destinations are Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle, so if you live in one of those three places check it out here, and you might be closer to a quality summer vacation than you realized. No plans have been announced as of yet for a wider release, but hopefully more cities will be added soon.


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