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Aluminum Straight Razor From Discommon Goods

by Joseph
Aluminum Straight Razor

Aluminum Straight Razor

The straight razor sometimes gets a bad rap as an inelegant or simplistic device, unnecessary in today’s safety razor world. But Discommon Goods has brought an, uh, uncommon sense of craft and quality to their Aluminum Straight Razor, a great example of the sometimes underrated form.

The Discommon Goods Aluminum Straight Razor is crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum and polished by hand to give it that Sweeney Todd gleam. Its handle is also worthy of consideration, as each one is subjected to three hours of machining in order to produce its distinctive grip. It also comes in its own leather carrying case from the people at This Is Ground.

That’s a good thing, because at $800 you might be a little bit cleaned out after you add the Aluminum Straight Razor from Discommon Goods to your bathroom arsenal. To do that, you can head over to the Discommon Goods online store right here.

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