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‘Alternative Living’: Photographer Captures Off-the-Grid Lifestyles for Book

by Joseph
Alternative Living

Alternative Living

French photographer Alex Strohl and his wife spent four months living on the road, with a car equipped with solar panels and tent on the roof (among other mobile amenities). They didn’t just do this for fun – Strohl was hard at work collecting material for his new photography book, Alternative Living, devoted to those people who choose to live off the grid.

Alternative Living features alternative livers in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, with heaps of photos, stories from the trip, profiles of those featured in the book, and more, all across 120 pages guaranteed to make you hate your job and your apartment 20% more than you already do.

The book will be available in limited quantities starting next month, and you can reserve your copy of Alternative Living for $40 at Strohl’s official site right here. It’ll be just another possession you’ll have to get rid of when you begin your own life on the road, but worth it in the meantime.

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