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Alsta Nautoscaph II: Alsta Returns with ‘Jaws’ Watch Reissue

by Joseph
Alsta Nautoscaph II

Alsta Nautoscaph II

The Alsta Nautoscaph watch was made famous when oceanographer Matt Hooper (as played by Richard Dreyfuss) wore it in the 1975 film Jaws. Sadly, despite the infusion of free publicity that came from the super-mega-blockbuster success of the movie, Alsta went out of business shortly after. But now, they’re back, with the Alsta Nautoscaph II. And as the company itself explains, there was really no other choice for what the company’s flagship reissue would be, and why Hooper himself would wear such a watch in the first place:

“Hooper was wealthy but was also a man of science. He demanded truth and relied upon quality of information and methodology in all his findings as opposed to hearsay or taking things at face value. It is no surprise that this man, who could have afforded any brand, chose quality as opposed to brand recognition in all of his diving and research equipment. This included a discerning choice of timepiece.

It was also the obvious choice for us to bring Alsta out of the archives and back onto the wrist.”

Whether or not you plan on getting into the cage, so to speak, you can get a lot more information on the Alsta Nautoscaph II at the official Alsta site here, where you can also sign up for further release details on the watch and the rest of the upcoming Alsta slate.

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