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Allrover Stair-Rover Longboard Can Navigate the Urban Jungle

by Joseph
Allrover Stair-Rover

Allrover Stair-Rover

If you’ve ever tried to traverse a dense cityscape via longboard (or if you’ve ever seen anyone else try), you know there are a lot of obstacles in your path due to the fact that the average city planner was not thinking about skateboarding when he or she laid out the city. The Allrover Stair-Rover, however, is a longboard designed to handle almost anything the urban jungle can throw at you.

That includes stairs, obviously, but the Allrover Stair-Rover can also purportedly handle any other kind of uneven terrain thanks to its flexible V-frames combined with a total of eight 60mm 80a wheels. In addition to its impressive capabilities, it would also make an interesting addition to any game of “Red Rover, Red Rover,” jut because of the rhyming possibilities alone.

You can get an Allrover Stair-Rover by sending yourself over to the Allrover online store right here, where it’s priced at $250 on the dot.

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