Home Entertainment ‘All Trailers Are The Same’: New Short Compares Film Trailers (Video)

‘All Trailers Are The Same’: New Short Compares Film Trailers (Video)

by Joseph
All Trailers Are The Same

All Trailers Are The Same

There’s a by-product of going to the movies a lot, and it’s seeing the same trailers a bunch of times. It gives you a chance to analyze the similarities between trailers, which is clearly what the people at Red Letter Media have done, given the recent release of their video All Trailers Are The Same.

You can tell by the title All Trailers Are The Same what the video’s general hypothesis, which is that, uh, all trailers are the same. But the video seems to be generally restricted to big scifi blockbusters of the last ten years or so, and even then the similarities across all the trailers cited are still pretty impressive.

You can watch All Trailers Are The Same for yourself below. And if it gets you pumped to watch some of the big blockbusters coming out this summer, congratulations, you are susceptible to advertising.

Here’s the video:

And for more from Red Letter Media, check out their YouTube channel right here.

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