Home Style Alexander Wang Teases Collaboration With H&M (Video)

Alexander Wang Teases Collaboration With H&M (Video)

by Joseph
Alexander Wang x H&M

Alexander Wang x H&M

The latest designer that will launch a collaborative collection with Swedish fashion retailer H&M is Alexander Wang. While that is an exciting prospect for many, the sad part is that there are almost no details available on the collection as of now.

The only things we do know come from a brief video posted on the Alexander Wang Instagram account (it can be found here), that teases the collection’s probable sportswear component and a November 6th release, and an interview between Wang and WWD.  Here’s Wang on the upcoming collection:

“It’s a different era and a different world today and I think everything is changing, the whole system of fashion and design and I think there’s an opportunity for everyone to create and do something that is different and individual.”

Whether that statement is a real indication of something innovative and new with the Alexander Wang x H&M collection or just marketing hype will become clear as we get closer to the collection’s (possible) fall release. And you can see the video that started it all for yourself below.

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