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Alexander Wang Shot Glasses Cost Almost $30 Each

by Joseph
Alexander Wang Shot Glasses

Alexander Wang Shot Glasses

The last time you did a shot, were you disappointed by how cheap and nondescript the glass you took it from was? Alexander Wang has some good news for you, then – you can buy a set of four pale gold designer shot glasses with an included snakeskin pouch from the upscale brand.

The Alexander Wang shot glasses are constructed from stainless steel before being coated with a pale gold finish, and are built to fit together perfectly inside the aforementioned carrying pouch (they’re kind of like Lego that way). The pouch has a zipper that’s also in pale gold, so everyone in the bar will know you’re hot stuff when you pull it out of your solid gold briefcase.

At $115, Alexander Wang’s set of four designer shot glasses are a little under $30 each, not counting that snazzy pouch. Sound like a good deal? You can check them out at Alexander Wang’s online store here.

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