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Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2013 Line

by Joseph

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer Collection

Fashion house Alexander McQueen unveiled its new spring/summer fashion line for 2013 in Paris recently. The clothes fit into the “business casual” mold, with a variety of different styles and flourishes, including flowers, checker patterns, single and double-breasted suits, and more. The line comes with a bittersweet pall, however, as it is a posthumous release from McQueen, who died back in 2010.

You can check out one of the pieces below, in addition to the picture above.  For more images from the collection, check out Alexander McQueen’s website.

As you can see, the style of this fashion line is clean and elegant, and was reportedly very well-received during its premiere in Paris.  Who knows, maybe you’d look good in these outfits?

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer Collection

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