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Alessandro Diddi’s Cool Anamorphic 3D Drawings (Pics and Video)

by Joseph
Alessandro Diddi

Anamorphic art, which creates a 3D optical illusion predicated upon a precise viewing angle, is one of those things that just never get old. Alessandro Diddi is an Italian illustrator who makes some of the best anamorphic illusions around, including a new batch that just hit the internet.

Alessandro Diddi’s modus operandi is basically drawings that seem to jump off the page, often interacting with his pencil or other external items. The effect is mind-blowing, and all the more so if you know what you’re looking at, which in most cases are simple drawings on paper. He sometimes uses folding and cut-outs to enhance the illusion, but it’s still incredibly impressive both in the process stage and in the end result.

You can see both Alessandro Diddi’s process and the end result in a very cool time-lapse drawing video below, which shows the artist creating a three-dimensional Spider-Man that seems to hover above the page from scratch. Underneath that, you can check out some more recent examples of his work, after which you’ll probably want to take a look at the rest of his portfolio here.

Here’s the video:

And here are some more pieces:

Alessandro DiddiAlessandro DiddiAlessandro DiddiAlessandro DiddiAlessandro DiddiAlessandro Diddi

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