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Alcoho-Lock From Koowho: “Don’t Drink and Ride” (Video)

by Joseph


By this time, everyone in the world should be aware of the dangers associated with getting behind the wheel of a car while drunk. Less publicized are the very similar dangers that can befall those who try to ride a bicycle while drunk – dangers that Koowho’s Alcoho-Lock is designed to prevent.

The Alcoho-Lock is an outwardly standard bike lock, but in order to unlock it you have to prove you’re not drunk. To do that, you breathe into the built-in breathalyzer – if an illegal amount of alcohol is detected, the lock won’t budge. But it doesn’t stop there, leaving you drunk, stranded, and bikeless – the companion app gets in touch with a friend or loved one who will presumably then arrange a ride.

Precise pricing details on the Alcoho-Lock are still to come, but it’s expected to be priced at least $240 once it becomes available. You can watch for more information at the official product site here, and check out a promotional video below.


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