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Albert: Digital Clock Requires Math Practice to Tell Time

by Joseph


It’s pretty common to hear people talk about how math skills you develop in middle and high school have no application in real life. But is that a good thing? Being good with numbers is one of my most envied talents in other people, and maybe if I’d had something like Albert before I became set in my numbers-are-bad ways, I wouldn’t have such a hard time keeping track of my finances today.

Albert is a digital clock that displays math equations in lieu of the traditional three or four-digit time of day, which means you have to practice math just to see what time it is. This is good for people who want to brush up on their math skills but it also positive in the simple sense of giving your brain a workout where it’s used to relaxing – always a good thing from a mental health standpoint.

Apparently a lot of people agree, since Albert has crushed its original fundraising goal on Kickstarter here with almost a month to go. There you can get more information as well as pre-order the clock for a significant discount compared to its anticipated MSRP of $270 – I’d tell you how significant a discount it is, but my math skills are not the greatest.


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