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‘Aladdin Sane’ Getting 45th Anniversary Reissue

by Joseph
Aladdin Sane

Aladdin Sane

The David Bowie rock and roll reissue train is showing no signs of slowing down. This April, one of Bowie’s most underrated 70s albums Aladdin Sane turns 45, and to celebrate the occasion the album is getting a special re-release on silver vinyl. But, as they say in the marketing business, that is not all.

In addition to the Aladdin Sane reissue, which will only be available from brick and mortar retailers and not online stores, two iconic Bowie best-of albums are returning in separate forms as well. First on April 13th is CHANGESTWOBOWIE, a compilation that hasn’t been out since its original release in 1980. It’ll be available in both a black and blue vinyl edition in its limited first run as well as a standard black vinyl release after that. Also on April 13th, CHANGESONEBOWIE is getting a digital streaming and download reissue as well.

For now, read more about the Aladdin Sane reissue as well as the two returning best-of albums at the official David Bowie site here.

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