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Akrapovič Full Moon Concept Motorcycle

by Joseph
Akrapovič Full Moon

Not all motorcycles are created equal, but there is a certain baseline level of cool associated with the vehicle, whether or not an individual bike lives up to the standard. That’s not an issue, though, with the Akrapovič Full Moon, a new concept motorcycle unveiled by Akrapovič that almost looks too cool to be real.

But real it is, at least in the sense that the Akrapovič Full Moon is a “real” concept bike. It gets its name from the distinctive 30-inch wheel in the front, constructed not from cheese but from sturdy carbon and aluminum. Functionally, it almost lives up to its striking appearance, with a S&S Knucklehead 1,524 cc engine and two exhausts custom-built for this bike at Akrapovič.

As a concept bike, the Akrapovič Full Moon probably won’t be rolling off any assembly lines any time soon, especially since it represents a reported 800 hours of work alone. But you can read a lot more about the project in a press release from Akrapovič right here. And you can see a few pictures of the bike in the gallery below.

Akrapovič Full MoonAkrapovič Full MoonAkrapovič Full MoonAkrapovič Full Moon


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