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Aivvy Q: Headphones With Built-In Streaming

by Joseph
Aivvy Q

Headphones are great, but if you’re stuck in a place without any quality music, what good are they really? The concept of music deserts will come to an end for you once you get a pair of Aivvy Q headphones, since they¬†sync up to the cloud and stream all the music your ears can handle, no phone required.

The coolest part is that you don’t even need a WiFi connection to listen to music on the Aivvy Q headphones, since they perform the sync¬†while the device is charging and store the music for offline use. Then, as soon as you start using them, they start learning your musical preferences (as indicated by your taps and swipes right on the headphones themselves) to make your music experience as pleasurable as possible. And if you’re a stickler for control, you can also use the Aivvy Q smartphone app or connect it directly to any audio source you choose, just like regular headphones.

Even a million-dollar idea like the Aivvy Q smart headphones needs to make its first million somehow, and the product currently has a week left of fundraising to go on Kickstarter here, where you can pre-order a pair starting at $249. And you can also see a couple promotional images of the headphones in the gallery below.

Aivvy QAivvy Q

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