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Aire: An Indoor Flying Robot

by Joseph


Personally, I’m only just now getting used to the fact that I can ask Alexa questions on my TV. But I know there’s a whole population of early adopters out there who are primed and ready for the next stage of smart home assistants, and for them there’s Aire, an indoor robotic assistant that earns its name by flying through the – yep, that’s right – air.

Aire does all of the usual home assistant things – voice control through Alexa, syncing up with all your other smart devices, video surveillance of your home while you’re away, and so on. But can also fly like a drone, which expands its capabilities to true science fiction future proportions.

Given all that, and the rest of Aire’s features which you can read more about at its Kickstarter listing right here, it’s kind of cool that pre-orders start at just a little under $750. Just don’t show it Age of Ultron, just to be safe.

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