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AirBolt: “The Truly Smart Travel Lock”

by Joseph


As anyone who’s ever done any air travel knows, security is not a high priority when it comes to checked luggage. Most of us just abide by the honor system, at least until somebody walks away with your luggage, but to take matters into your own hands you might want to consider the AirBolt, billed as “the truly smart travel lock.”

AirBolt uses a rope-based locking system to keep your bags (and whatever’s inside them) secure and trackable via GPS. It can only be opened with a smartphone app, or with a programmable backup code if you’re worried about needing to open it when your phone isn’t handy – and, as an added bonus, it can let you know if anyone’s opened your bag since the last time you saw it.

The AirBolt’s Kickstarter campaign here has a little over a month left to go, so you have some time to pre-order yours starting at about $40.


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