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Airbnb Lux: Airbnb Launching Service for Ultra-Wealthy

by Joseph
Airbnb Lux

Airbnb Lux

Airbnb is great and all, but if you’re accustomed to living in the veritable lap of luxury, you’re not always likely to want to spend a portion of your income roughing it in some hipster’s apartment. Tragically, this has in the past prevented you from using the Airbnb service, but soon that tragedy will end with the launch of Airbnb Lux.

Airbnb Lux, which is an internal project name and may not reflect the eventual name it launches under, will be an “ultra-premium tier” that will allow its affluent clientele to rent out mansions, penthouses, and other forms of habitation that are out of the typical Airbnb user’s price range.

It’s reportedly planned to be available in select markets by the end of 2017, so you have until then to try and become wealthy if you want to use Airbnb Lux, or, even better, offer your own digs on the service.

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