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AirBar: Make Any PC Display Into a Touchscreen (Video)

by Joseph


Touchscreens are a huge part of daily life for many people nowadays, but there are still plenty of screens that don’t do much of anything (and certainly nothing good) if you touch them. That figure can be significantly reduced, though, by using the AirBar, a sensor that can convert any PC screen to a control-by-touch joint.

The AirBar fits right under your PC screen and uses “invisible light” to make it responsive to touch by hands, stylus, gloves, or pretty much anything else that takes up more space than light. You connect it to your computer via USB and it attaches to the computer with an included magnetic strip, or you plug it into the wall so as to avoid putting any more strain on your laptop battery.

You can see how the AirBar works by checking it out in the video below. And to pre-order yours, head to the product’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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