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Air Yeezy 2 T-Shirt On Ebay For $90,300

by Joseph

Air Yeezy 2 T-shirt

You probably remember reading about the advance pair of Kanye West’s signature Nike Air Yeezy 2 shoes selling for more than $90,000 on eBay. So does t-shirt designer and raconteur Wil Fry, who chose to respond with a pretty hilarious piece entitled “Air Yeezy 2.”

It’s doubtful that Fry expects anyone to actually pay that much for the Air Yeezy 2 t-shirt, which consists of a t-shirt with pictures of the Air Yeezy sneakers repeated infinitely all over the shirt. The price actually comes from what someone paid for the sneakers – this is what most people would refer to as an artistic or satirical statement – I say it’s just hilarious.

Nice work, Mr. Fry – maybe Kanye will buy the shirt!

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