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Air Jordan 10 “Steel”

by Joseph
Air Jordan 10 "Steel"
Air Jordan 10 "Steel"Air Jordan 10 "Steel"Air Jordan 10 "Steel"Air Jordan 10 "Steel"


Despite the fact that the Air Jordan 10 hasn’t seen much in the way of new colorways this year, there’s a new one on the way from Jordan Brand. As far as I know, the “Steel” Air Jordan 10 isn’t a reference to the Shaq movie, but you can pretend it is if you want.

The subdued black-and-white “Steel” Air Jordan 10 is a master class in how to score points through subtlety. And speaking of subtlety, there’s the pretty cool Jordan 10 touch of select Michael Jordan stats printed on the bottom of the sneakers.

The “Steel” Air Jordan 10 is slated to hit shelves on October 12th. Until then, there are some preview photos of the sneaker in the gallery above, courtesy of US11.

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