Home Style Air Jordan 1 “Venetto” Customs From JBF Customs & Regularolty

Air Jordan 1 “Venetto” Customs From JBF Customs & Regularolty

by Joseph
Air Jordan 1 Venetto Customs
Air Jordan 1 Venetto CustomsAir Jordan 1 Venetto Customs


Sneaker designer Regularolty has teamed up with the people at JBF Customs for a one-of-a-kind pair of Air Jordan 1 sneakers. It’s called the “Venetto,” and it’s primarily constructed from leather and cork.

Topping things off is the Venetto’s unique packaging: Instead of a shoebox, it comes in a specially-made wooden crate, and rather than the usual crumpled packing paper, this pair of custom Air Jordan 1s comes packed in straw. It’s certainly a homespun twist on custom sneakers from Regularolty and JBF Customs.

The Air Jordan 1 “Venetto”  custom sneakers are set to go up for auction on April 23rd. If you’re interested (and flush with cash), you can head to JBF’s website here or Regularolty’s here for more info. And there are a few pictures of the shoe and its wooden box in the gallery at the top.

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