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Air Jordan 1 Golf Shoes

by Joseph
Air Jordan 1 Golf Shoes
Air Jordan 1 Golf ShoesAir Jordan 1 Golf Shoes


If ever there was a place that you need to look your best, it’s the golf course. And according to a few photos tweeted by Michael Jordan‘s son Marcus, Jordan Brand has developed a way for that to finally be possible, with a golf shoe modeled after the original Air Jordan 1.

No official announcement has been made by Nike or Jordan Brand, but the photos show golf shoes clearly modeled after the Chicago Bulls Air Jordan 1 colorway. The retro Bulls colors are added to a Nike Free outsole, for modern-day performance in a classic shell.

As for if and when these Air Jordan 1 golf shoes will be available for purchase, no one can say—and if anyone can say, they aren’t. But you can take a look at the pictures courtesy of Marcus Jordan’s Twitter account here, and watch this space for more information on the shoes when it becomes available.

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