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Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe”

by Joseph

Air Jordan 1 Black Toe

The latest Air Jordan 1 re-release is in a “Black Toe” colorway (Nike is apparently unconcerned with traumatizing victims of severe frostbite). In addition to the shoe’s titular black toe caps, the “Black Toe” Air Jordan 1s are wrapped in red and white leather with additional black on the swoosh logo and lining.

It’s another stylish addition to the Air Jordan line, and one that will probably be pretty hard to get once its May 18th release date arrives. Other release details, such as pricing, haven’t come out yet, but expect more info in advance of that mid-May date.

You can check out the advance photo of the Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” sneakers at the top, though, courtesy of sneakerhead Regularolty‘s Instagram, which you can check out here.

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