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Air-Ink: Ink Made From Air Pollution

by Joseph


A company called Graviky has figured out a way to pull carbon pollution from the air and put it to work doing something useful instead of burning up our atmosphere. They do this through something called a “KAALINK device,” which allows them to pull out refine soot and other pollutants into usable ink for writing and drawing. This ink is called Air-Ink.

Air-Ink was subjected to a six-month testing process by actual artists, and according to Graviky they’re completely satisfied with the way it works—just like regular ink, as a matter of fact. Graviky also sells pens and markers that use the ink in a variety of different sizes, as well as a special formulation for screen printing.

You can check out Air-Ink at the product’s Kickstarter listing right here, where it has another three weeks of fundraising left to go. There you can pre-order your own Air-Ink products starting at $25 and up.

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