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“Air Freshner” T-Shirt From Jason Wu And Nate Lowman

by Joseph
Air Freshener T-Shirt
Air Freshener T-ShirtAir Freshener T-Shirt

Fashion designer Jason Wu and artist Nate Lowman have teamed up in support of Young Friends of ACRIA, a charitable organization devoted to fighting AIDS all over the world.

The result of their collaboration is the “Air Freshener” t-shirt, a simple white t-shirt featuring a black-and-white air freshener graphic. It’s not flashy, but it is sort of cool (not to mention funny), and it’s unarguably for a very good cause.

You can check out ACRIA’s website here for more information about them, and head over to Jason Wu’s online store here to pick up a limited edition “Air Freshener” t-shirt for $175 to benefit them. There’s also a front-and-back view of the shirt in the gallery at the top.

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