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Air Deck: Playing Cards Engineered for Frequent Travelers

by Joseph
Air Deck

Air Deck

There are a few different schools of thought on how best to occupy idle moments during air travel – I’m a book man, myself, while many choose to watch children’s movies on the in-flight TVs for some reason. But it’s hard to argue with the timeless appeal of a good deck of cards, and Air Deck playing cards have been specially designed to be enjoyed in less-than-spacious environments.

Even on a small airplane tray table, Air Deck cards are made small enough to play, with slightly textured surfaces that make them easy to shuffle, deal, and otherwise manipulate (no card shark stuff, though, Air Marshals can shoot you for that). Casino-caliber PVC material makes the cards resistant to tears, bends, and other forms of wear and tear, so these cards could very well become your most frequent traveling companion.

There must be a lot of lonely and/or bored travelers out there, since Air Deck is burning up its Kickstarter campaign right here, where for the next nine days you can grab a deck of your own starting at $11.

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