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Air Bonsai: The Anti-Gravity Floating Tree

by Joseph
Air Bonsai

Air Bonsai

Ever wanted a floating tree? Maybe not. ┬áMaybe the idea never occurred to you. But now that such a thing is possible I imagine it’s going to be pretty difficult for you to live without one. It’s called Air Bonsai, and I think I’ll wait until the second paragraph to tell you how it works, so if you want to keep on believing in magic you better skip it.

OK, Air Bonsai works by a magnetized “energy base” that repels the also-magnetized “little star,” which is customized with the plant of your choice. Whichever plant you choose to turn into your floating tree, the visual effect is as seen in the photo above, peacefully hypnotic and (probably) continually amazing.

The people behind Air Bonsai say they need $80,000 to release the DIY kits to the public at $200 a pop. You can help them raise the money, as well as pre-order your own, at the product’s Kickstarter page right here.

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