Home Style ‘Le Salon: House Rules’: 9-Part Video Series From Agent Provocateur (Video)

‘Le Salon: House Rules’: 9-Part Video Series From Agent Provocateur (Video)

by Joseph
Le Salon: House Rules by Agent Provocateur

Le Salon: House Rules

Lingerie brand Agent Provocateur is becoming known more for their elaborate advertising campaigns than for the products they sell. This is all well and good, since, while probably only a relatively small sliver of the population is interested in buying their lingerie, a significantly larger plurality would probably like to see models wearing it. Their latest ad project is Le Salon: House Rules, a nine-part video series outlining, you guessed it, the nine house rules of the Agent Provocateur salon.

Each video is less than 20 seconds long, and in addition to the sexy lingerie models, there’s stylish cinematography and some cool music, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you have the time or the interest. And if you ever somehow end up in the fabled place described in the videos, you’ll know how to behave thanks to Le Salon: House Rules.

Part 1 of Le Salon: House Rules is available to view below, and to see the rest of the series just head over to the Agent Provocateur YouTube channel here.

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