Home Entertainment ‘Aftermath’: Arnold Schwarzenegger Seeks His Revenge in New Trailer (Video)

‘Aftermath’: Arnold Schwarzenegger Seeks His Revenge in New Trailer (Video)

by Joseph


It could be argued that a straight line exists between the more realistic classic Arnold Schwarzenegger thrillers (think Commando) and Taken, one of those movies that itself inspires a regular ebb of rip-offs and imitators. Now, we’ve come full-circle, since Arnold is starring in his own Taken-inspired feature: Aftermath. Or at least, it’s sure to be sold that way.

Unlike most quasi-Takens, Aftermath is actually based on true events: The 2002 Überlingen mid-air collision and its, uh, aftermath. Arnold loses his family in the crash, then embarks on a mission to find the man responsible. Will he punch him in the throat, or will they just kind of talk it over? The trailer leaves this ambiguous:

To find the answer, you’ll have to watch Aftermath when it hits theaters in April, which gives you plenty of time to fill in any of your blind gaps in Arnold’s filmography.

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