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Aero MVP: Plane, Boat, and Camper In One (Video)

by Joseph
Aero MVP

Aero MVP

If you’re anything like me, you’re always having to disembark from your private seaplane to climb on board your private boat, which you then have to get off of in order to reach your camper parked on land. It’s the definition of a hassle, but the people at Aero have finally come up with a better way – the Aero MVP, a plane that turns into a boat, and a boat that turns into a camper, also billed as “the world’s most versatile plane.”

The Aero MVP was developed with versatility as its primary component, and the result is a vehicle that can transform from plane to boat in a surprisingly simple fashion. Then there’s its camper mode, which is actually identical to its “boat” configuration, but with a spacious tent opened up in the canopy.

Unfortunately, the Aero MVP is still in the testing phase of its development, but Aero is accepting advance reservations for when they do become available at the MVP website here. And if you’re just browsing now, you can watch a video introducing the Aero MVP below. Enjoy:

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