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AER: Throw Your GoPro Like a Football

by Joseph


If you’re a GoPro user, it may have occurred to you that you could possibly get some pretty memorable footage by just chucking your camera through the air. That’s obviously not a very good idea, though, since your camera could be damaged and the footage probably wouldn’t be usable anyway.  But with the AER, both of those problems are immediately solved.

The AER is a protective projectile for the GoPro HERO 3+, 4, or 5. Once your GoPro is locked in place, it will stay secure, steady, and safe even after you throw it in a magnificent spiral in whatever exotic, GoPro-friendly locale you choose to use it in. The resulting footage should be distinctive and unique, unlike what you would get in a first-person shot or from a drone.

You can pre-order the AER at its Kickstarter listing right here. If it reaches its fundraising goal, shipments will begin in January of next year—and then you can probably expect to see video made with it on YouTube soon after.


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