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Adieu: Replace Internet Ads With Your Favorite Photos (Video)

by Joseph


Ad blockers are great for users, but in the long run they may be too potent a cure for the illness they’re treating, since meager ad revenue is what keeps a lot of sites open for business and producing quality content. There’s a new solution to the problem of annoying internet ads, though, and it doesn’t sacrifice ad revenue for sites – in fact, since Adieu works by outbidding advertisers and replacing their content with each individual user’s own favorite photos, it might actually increase revenue for a site if enough of its readers are using it.

Basically, Adieu works by charging users a small fee (around three bucks a month) and it uses the money to outbid advertisers on a given website, replacing their individualized ads with the photos of your choice. It’s an idealistic business model to be sure, but since it’s so cheap it might be worth a shot.

In fact, right now, it’s better than cheap, since you actually get $2 for signing up for a free trial of Adieu right here. And you can watch a short video about how it works below.


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