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adidas Ultra Boost Unveiled

by Joseph
adidas Ultra Boost

There’s a bit of marketing buzz floating around out there that the upcoming next installment of adidas‘ Boost line of sneakers is “the greatest running shoe ever.” While I don’t know if that’s true, or even if such a thing is possible to determine, I do know the adidas Ultra Boost is impressive enough that the claim doesn’t surprise me.

The adidas Ultra Boost combines the brand’s Boost cushioning technology with a Primeknit upper for maximum performance and breathability. On the former front, the midsole has a reported 3,000 “energy capsules,” which is a 20% increase over the next Boost sneaker on the market.

As for release details, we know that the adidas Ultra Boost will hit select retailers on February 11th, and that it will also be available on that date from the adidas online store here. It’ll be priced at $180, but you can see a few images of the sneaker in the gallery below and it won’t cost you a dime.


adidas Ultra Boostadidas Ultra Boostadidas Ultra Boostadidas Ultra Boost


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