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adidas Snowboarding Video Series ‘Nomad’: Part One Drops

by Joseph
adidas Snowboarding video series Nomad

adidas Snowboarding video series Nomad

The people at adidas Snowboarding are gearing up for their favorite season with a series of videos, wholly entitled Nomad. The series will focus on – what else? – snowboarding throughout the world. The first installment has recently hit the internet, and it’s set in Japan, a country that’s famous all over the world for its powdery, snowboard-ready snow.

Nomad will have three installments, this first one being aptly titled “Japan.” And the coolest part about this video is probably the second half, which moves the action to the snowy urban environment of Sapporo, where the rails, stairs, and other accessories allow for the snowboarders (namely, Jake Blauvelt, Eric Jackson, Kazu Kokubo, Helen Schettini, Keegan Valaika, Forest Bailey, and Louif Paradis) to take part in moves that are decidedly influenced by skateboarding.

Part 1 of adidas Snowboarding’s Nomad video series, “Japan,” is available for your viewing pleasure below. And for parts 2 and 3 of Nomad, keep your eyes on the adidas Snowboarding YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:

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