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Adidas Rose 3.5 ‘Away’ Sneakers

by Joseph

adidas d rose 3 away

New from the Adidas D-Rose Signature Collection comes the Adidas Rose 3.5 in an NBA-inspired “Away” colorway. As you can see, this colorway gets its name from Derrick Rose’s Chicago Bulls away colors, in black, red, and touches of white.

It’s all part of the brand’s commitment to providing quality signature pieces that reflect NBA star Derrick Rose’s own fashion sensibilities. The signature D-Rose logo is present, of course, as well as the black and red colors that make up the iconic team’s away colors (although the shoes are much heavier on black than the team’s jerseys are).

If you want to get a pair for yourself, visit the Adidas webstore here, where pairs are currently going for $160.

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