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adidas Re-Releases Kobe 1 as “Crazy 1” (Photos)

by Joseph
adidas Crazy 1
adidas Crazy 1adidas Crazy 1

Almost 14 years ago, adidas Basketball tried something a little different for their first signature sneaker for Kobe Bryant. Back in those days, Kobe was a young tiger on the LA Lakers, with a distinctive afro that no one could forget after setting eyes on it. So adidas went way left-field with the Kobe 1, with a blocky upper said to be inspired by German sports cars.

Whether you loved or hated the original Kobe 1, adidas has you covered, releasing the shoe again but under a new name: Crazy 1. So now you can walk into a shoe store and say “give me the Crazy 1,” and you’ll end up with a pair of these.

Available in a mostly yellow colorway with hits of black, the adidas Basketball Crazy 1 is set to hit select retailers on December 26th. So you’ve got a little bit of time to save up the Crazy 1’s asking price of $125. Until then, there are a couple pics of the shoe in the gallery up top, so enjoy.

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