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adidas Palace Pro Sneaker Launch Film (Video)

by Joseph
adidas Palace Pro

adidas Palace Pro

The collaboration between Palace Skateboards and adidas has reached its latest stage with a short and weird launch video for the adidas Palace Pro, a new sneaker design expressly designed for this adidas x Palace Skateboards collaborative collection.

When I describe the adidas Palace Pro introductory video as “weird,” I wasn’t just filling space – this seems to be aiming for some kind of bizarre mix of Adult Swim style absurdism and sexy sneaker showcase. It’s an appropriate approach, given the fact that the sneaker itself is also a unique mix of elements, with a molded tongue and sole on loan from the adidas Gazelle, and an upper dominated by adidas Primeknit technology.

You can watch the adidas Palace Pro introductory film, courtesy of adidas and Palace Skateboards below. The sneaker is set to hit select retailers on May 16th, including the official adidas online store right here.

Here’s the video:


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